Jess Penner


Okay, if you know me at all - you probably know… I am the new face of Days Inn!! The brand has been using my song “here comes the sunshine” in their ads for a couple of years and decided they wanted to take things to the next level by including ME in their campaign in a more substantial way. This of course, is amazing and has been a huge honor for me. Thank you Days Inn!!!

New interviews, new show dates, pinterest, and my songs in stores!!

Hello dear friends. March is almost over…. what the %^@*?! I can’t believe how time has been flying! I guess it’s true what grandma and gramps always said, time goes faster the older you get. I’ve had a great last few weeks though, been incredibly productive and such. Now that the world is back from SXSW - crap is gettin’ done!!! I am also proud to say that I am done with my taxes… early… BAM! That’s what I call “adulthood-ism” or whatever.

Alpacas, Blog features, Photo-shoots, and WCD on MTV!

Even though the last few weeks have been a steady and rewarding blur of great news and meaningful steps in the right direction, I won’t lie and pretend I’m not a little bit bitter about seeing posts from all my friends partying it up at SXSW. Darn all you people gushing about the magical camaraderie and euphoria you’ve been experiencing while you sip on your Texan microbrew and watch radiohead perform 100 feet away…

Back in beautiful Los Angeles!

What a wild and crazy week it’s been. Six days, eight cities traveled through, four states visited, 18 relatives met up with, four ponies ogled, 500 miles driven, four flights flown, six trains ridden, two old friends caught up with, a herd of alpacas and two llamas serenaded, one show played, countless new friends met… one super fun time.