Alpacas, Blog features, Photo-shoots, and WCD on MTV!

Lots has been happening here in mi casa.  I’ve been busy buzzing about, trying to make myself useful and capitalizing on all the great things taking place around me, but mostly I’m just looking for a distraction because:

Even though the last few weeks have been a steady and rewarding blur of great news and meaningful steps in the right direction, I won’t lie and pretend I’m not a little bit bitter about seeing posts from all my friends partying it up at SXSW.  Darn all you people gushing about the magical camaraderie and euphoria you’ve been experiencing while you sip on your Texan microbrew and watch radiohead perform 100 feet away because you somehow scored tickets to a top-secret taping of “Austin City Limits”. You all know I hate you for this - but I also totally love you okay?  Seriously though, how is it that I have NEVER been to SXSW?  All I can say is “Stop it!” and come back home already… because Los Angeles is lonely when you’re gone… and all your auto reply “I’m out of the office all week because I’m having an incredible time partying it up at SXSW” emails are making me pouty.

Alright - I’ve expressed myself, enough with my pity party.  Onwards and upwards and off to our news of the week!

Alapacas!!!  I did it!  I made a v-log of me serenading my Aunt Terry’s Alpacas last month whilst in New Jersey.  Check it out - unless you hate looking at adorable, fluffy animals with inch long eyelashes and underbites nibble food gently out of my hand while I sing “life is rosy” - because you’re gonna hate this.

Last week I was lucky enough to be interviewed by Claire for Love Music; Love Life, a really cool blog that showcases lots of new artists, photography, etc.  You can check out the blog and interview here:

Love Music ; Love Life - interview

Juliann (Monday Management) and I have also been working feverishly to get my press kit up to date, look for video directors, photographers and just generally awesome people to collaborate with and I am pleased to say we have made some great progress. On Monday we had a super fun photoshoot with Erich Chen (  Here are a couple of shots from the day (I can’t wait to see the final pics!!!)

Special thanks to Kelly Jo (hair and makeup), Kenny (Erich’s assistant), and of course Juliann for just being amazeballs.

The last bit of news for the week is that my band We Cry Diamonds had our song “Don’t get caught” in the premier of “My super psycho sweet 16 - Part 3” last night on MTV.  Woohoo!!!  We have made the song available for free download on the We Cry Diamonds facebook band page here:

We Cry Diamonds FB Band Page

So go get it.

Love and hugs from me to you.