Artist, Producer



Jess Penner is a cheerful and cheeky, creatively ADD artist from Los Angeles. Raised on a banana farm in Hawaii; Jess is also a dinner party throwing, hen raising, people loving, thrift store shopping, self professed tomboy who hates musicals and tilapia but secretly loves painfully slow BBC miniseries and booty dancing alone in her bedroom. Signing her first record deal at age 15 - Jess has spent the last 22 years making a career as a professional musician via touring, album sales, licensing deals, and working as a songwriter / producer.

Professional Highlights:

Numerous placements in TV, commercial campaigns, and web series. Television clients include ABC, CBS, FOX, MTV, VHI, Lifetime, and The OC. Commercial campaigns for brands including : Payless Shoes, Disneyland, JC Penney, Sony Playstation, Bose, T-mobile, Jergens, Ford, Edison, Days Inn, Dannon, and more.

Over 1000 career live performances (including every state in the US), as well as international tours in Europe, The Mediterranean, Canada and Asia. Opened for Tyrone Wells, Ian Archer (Snow Patrol), and FUN..

Featured performer at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.

Press Highlights:

“Jess Penner is a force to be reckoned with. She has already been quite successful with getting her music placed. However, with the release of her new CD Building Heaven, the networks and studios will have a lot of new material to choose from. Additionally, Penner is setting the bar high for subsequent indie releases in 2014 [...]The songs that have come out of this experience are like golden nuggets from deep in the earth, a true treasure for the discerning listener.” – Bob Leggett, The Examiner

“She’s Jess Penner – a thoroughly 21st century pop star. It’s no surprise advertisers and TV music supervisors have warmed to Penner’s bubbly indie electro-pop ff-kilter quirkiness of The Shins and the ass shaking glitz of Katy Perry. And whereas scoring a popular, radio-friendly hit often comes at the expense of depth, Penner manages to weave genuine pieces of humanity along with an element of mood into her songwriting without easantness of the music. What this means to you is that you can listen in the car, with the windows down, bobbing your head, singing along, and still feel good about yourself.” – Jeff Bogle, Popdose