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Back in beautiful Los Angeles!

What a wild and crazy week it’s been. Six days, eight cities traveled through, four states visited, 18 relatives met up with, four ponies ogled, 500 miles driven, four flights flown, six trains ridden, two old friends caught up with, a herd of alpacas and two llamas serenaded, one show played, countless new friends met… one super fun time.

A trip to the North East, ponies, and a new song on iTunes!

It’s less than four days until Juliann (from Monday Mgmt.) and I leave for NYC, New Jersey, and Maine! I am so freaking excited about our trip. I can hardly contain myself. I can’t wait to wear my fluffy black parka and knitted alpaca hipster - hat… all the kiddie’s love the hipster hat.

Things are happening. I think it's wunderbar.

I think the holiday season is a special time for everyone, and we all have memories that tie us to those times in our life we can look back and cherish. For instance, when I was growing up SOMEONE (ahem… not gonna name names) thought it would be a great holiday tradition to listen to Aaron Neville’s “Soulful Christmas”. I mocked and complained and rolled my adolescent nirvana loving eyeballs in protest, but now in retrospect I can appreciate those moments, and I actually feel the warm fuzzies when that choppy megatron vibrato breaks into the chorus of “O Holy night” (thanks mom).