Video shoots, radio Interviews, album reviews, last months placements, and Instagram!!!

It’s Monday.  
I know most people hate Mondays, but I happen to love them… especially when I get fabulous, top-secret news about something.  And apparently I love taunting people as well because that’s exactly what I’m doing right now.  I’m a bad person…

Things have been crazy busy, and crazy wonderful.  It’s been a month since I’ve blogged and so much has happened that I’m going to have to pull a bit of a catcher - upper!

The latest and most exciting news of the week is that We Cry Diamonds is shooting a music video!!!  I cannot tell you how happy this makes me.  We had a super fun time with Matt, Danielle, Meredith, and Anthony last week in Long Beach working on scenes for the verses… it’s gonna be fantastic.  Here are some pics of the shoot:


I’ve done two radio interviews in the last couple of weeks that I want to share with you.  Joe Armstrong was gracious enough to have me on his show on Independent’s Day a couple of weeks ago.  We had a terrific time talking about the state of the industry, licensing, and I did live performances of 3 or 4 songs (yay!).  The show aired on April 26, and I will post a link when the podcast is up.  I also had a great time last Friday (the 11th) at KPCC doing a segment with Patt Morrison about Mad Men’s use of a Beatles song in one of their recent episodes, and the estimated $250k fee that was paid for it… WOWZA!  Check out the link to the segment here: KPCC - Mad Men / Beatles license segement

And - two blog interviews / album reviews l wanna share with you. Thank you so much to Hailey (CD Blender) and Charlotte (Your Music Refill).  Check out their blogs!


Here are all the juicy deets on my placements in the last month or so.

“Get Away” and “Start this fire” from my band Astoria Kings were both used on Season 18 / Episode 7 of America’s Next Top Model (which is a show I freaking LOVE btw). The episode has the girls working on an anti-bullying PSA (which is such important issue at the moment and always, thank you Tyra!).

ANTM Season 18 - Episode 7

“Show me what you got” and “start this fire” (Astoria Kings) were also used on ESPN U last month during some college softball tourneys… wish I could post links for you, but I don’t have any!!

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That’s it for now.
Stay Awesome.