Back in beautiful Los Angeles!

Okay - full disclosure time! This blog is two weeks old… I could only post it now because of technical issues.  Hope you still enjoy it!

What a wild and crazy week it’s been.  Six days, eight cities traveled through, four states visited, 18 relatives met up with, four ponies ogled, 500 miles driven, four flights flown, six trains ridden, two old friends caught up with, a herd of alpacas and two llamas serenaded, one show played, countless new friends met… one super fun time.

My road manager Juliann and I left Los Angeles for the great Northeast last Tuesday to get to my scheduled show at University of Maine Machias opening up for FUN.  I have been traveling alone a lot lately so it was super nice to have someone along - especially since Juliann and I are great friends in real life and not just business partners.  

I’m not really afraid to travel alone, I get on just fine - but it sure is nice to have someone to chat with on the long rides to and from… and also help carry my crap around while walking through the city / riding the subway.  Which reminds me, what is it with some of the people who ride the subway?  I swear, I think the NYC subway might be the secret headquarters of the national staring contest alliance.


Here are some pics from the trip (randomness):

In other news, my song “life is rosy” got used in a new episode of Talent 2 (episode 8): Check it out!