BOOM! I released a new EP this week!!!

Surprised? Me too!!! Except... not really. 

I had been sitting on some songs of mine that needed a good home and I finally got around to recording them. No pressure, no deadline or plan, just a couple of hot and sloppy demos and the freedom to do as I please = "Good Times". I think this project really captures the beauty of a free spirit that's ready and willing to experience all that life has to offer. I hope you guys love it as much as I do.

Muchas Gracias to my friend Omar Velasco for his beautiful voice and guitar work on "someday" (which we wrote together quite some time ago).

A beautiful night with Ultimate Ears and Ron Robinson.

There is almost no better surprise than a late night email asking if you want to be a last minute addition to a swanky Hollywood event. Ultimate Ears Pro and Ron Robinson have teamed up to make custom in ear monitors available in a retail setting here in Los Angeles. Thursday night I had the chance to perform at an event announcing their partnership at the store on Melrose. There were fancy appetizers, there were beautiful people, there were all kinds of delicious items to feast your eyes on (missoni candles? Check. Hand blown candy colored hour glasses? Check. Gorgeous hand painted metallic sheepskin rugs? Check. Basically what I'm saying here is that there is tons of cool shiz in this place that you should check out.... ) I digress.

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On tour with Mindy Gledhill!

I'm super excited to announce that Mindy Gledhill has graciously invited me to open for her on her upcoming tour at the end of September! Here is the schedule:

September 24: Nashville, TN @ Jamison Hall at The Factory in Franklin 7pm   -TICKETS-

September 25: Lexington, KY @ The Livery 7pm   -TICKETS-

September 26: Vienna, VA @ Jammin Java 7pm    -TICKETS-

September 27: New York, NY @ Rockwood stage 2 6:30 pm   - NAME YOUR OWN PRICE-

It would be lovely to see you if we're in your town!

Thanks for checking in, now check out this live video we did of "This Is My Song" by Mindy!

Much Love,