New interviews, new show dates, pinterest, and my songs in stores!!

Hello dear friends.

March is almost over…. what the %^@*?!

I can’t believe how time has been flying!  I guess it’s true what grandma and gramps always said, time goes faster the older you get.  I’ve had a great last few weeks though, been incredibly productive and such.  Now that the world is back from SXSW - crap is gettin’ done!!!  I am also proud to say that I am done with my taxes… early… BAM!  That’s what I call “adulthood-ism” or whatever.  Funny story; as I was carefully thumbing through my 1099 one last time, I was gifted with the nastiest of paper cuts on my finger.  I feel like the circumstances of that moment were incredibly poetic.

Now for the news of the week.

Interviews and Blog features:

I had an awesome time corresponding with Pippa from  Check out the interview and subscribe to her blog here:

Also - I was the featured artist of the week at! Song Freedom is a service that allows photographers and videographers to legally license music quickly and easily - and affordably too!

Check out the feature here:

I would also like everyone to know that I recently joined Pinterest!  Yaaaaay!  I think Pinterest is so super fun, crazy addictive, and the best new way to get to know people.  If you want to peek into my life a little more often and see what I’m up to on a more personal level, come be my friend on Pinterest! I will always follow back :)



I have FOUR shows in the next four weeks that I am excited to share with you.  I’ll be playing in Las Vegas this weekend at a corporate convention with my band… it’s gonna be ballin.  I feel like a bit of an evil villain for telling you about this because it’s not open to the public… but I have to brag about it a little… it’s my payback for all of you who got to gloat about SWSX for the last two weeks!!!  You got Kimbra, Radiohead, and texan microbrews and I’m gonna get fake Elvis, slot machines, and foot long hot dogs for a dollar. I’m gonna lay by the pool, drink martinis, and party till the sun comes up!  Or I might just hang in my hotel room, eat 99 cent shrimp cocktail and catch up on Mad Men and Design Star… not really sure yet.

Also, Juliann and I are headed up to the Northwest for a college show (sadly not open to the public either - but in all honesty all this exclusivity and such is making me feel like the mean popular girl at school - and it’s kind of intoxicating).  We’re currently working on shows in the Portland/Seattle area for April 6 and 7 and I will be sure to let you know if anything lands.

Andrea and I ( will also be playing two weekends at a row at Undergrounds in Valencia.  Undergrounds is a super relaxed and comfy place under a church in Valencia that serves all kinds of fancy coffee drinks and treats for you to nibble on.  The show is FREE and the cover is ZERO DOLLARS so if you wanna just come up and chill with us it’s not gonna cost you a penny - oh, and it’s also all ages (yay!).
We are sharing an acoustic set on Friday April 20th from 8-9pm:  

Then, on Friday April 27th we will each be doing full band sets from 8-9:45 or so:  

It’s gonna be a good time.

Last bit of news of the week!  I found out via email that JC Penney has been / will be playing Colorful and Bring me the sunshine in all of their stores for the month of March.  How cool!  I also have to say that I am a fan of their new ads and ideas about pricing. I know the .99 is a totaly psychological play and it’s cute that they took a stand about it :)

That’s all folks.
See you next week!