Things are happening. I think it's wunderbar.

Happy Holidays!  

December has been a big ball of awesomeness so far, and with any luck things will continue to get rosier.  I am enjoying the cool weather, the smell of pumpkin spice and pine in the air, and listening to bing crosby christmas songs via pandora (love).  

I think the holiday season is a special time for everyone, and we all have memories that tie us to those times in our life we can look back and cherish. For instance, when I was growing up SOMEONE (ahem… not gonna name names) thought it would be a great holiday tradition to listen to Aaron Neville’s “Soulful Christmas”. I mocked and complained and rolled my adolescent nirvana loving eyeballs in protest, but now in retrospect I can appreciate those moments, and I actually feel the warm fuzzies when that choppy megatron vibrato breaks into the chorus of “O Holy night” (thanks mom).


Now you can all understand why I nearly died laughing when I caught this on Family Guy: 


Seeing as that I’ve offered a few crumbs o’ personality and such - I’m gonna take a few moments to play “let’s catch you all up on what’s happenin’ in Jess land” here - and post my most recent placements;

The hot little web series’ “Talent” and “Wendy” (from Alloy Entertainment) have been gobbling up tracks from my records and featuring them in their shows!  Here they are: 

“Talent” Season one ; Episode 1 - “Love, Love, Love” 

 “Talent” Season two ; Episode 1 - “Oh my my oh” 

 “Talent” Season two ; Episode 3 -  “I won’t change”

 “Wendy” Season one ; Episode 4 - “I won’t change” 



I guess that’s all for now.

Stay Awesome.