Free album download, more music placements, and a trip to Maine...

I’m a featured artist on this week!  Make sure you take a second and download “Growing in the cold” for FREE when you get the chance:  I want to say “thank you” to everyone who has already downloaded the record and helped spread the word about my music. Even if you are unable or choose not to leave a tip I am delighted - I just want people to hear the songs I’ve spent a lot of time creating!  It’s been really cool to see all of the responses from people hearing my music for the first time…. love it.


In placement news, my song “paradise” got picked up in another episode for “Talent 2”. Season 2 : Episode 6. Here’s the episode:



And now for the most exciting news of the week… looks like I’m playing a show in Main on February 4th, where I’ll have the privilege of opening for the band FUN.!  The show is being hosted by University of Maine in Machias and is open to the public.


Check out the FUN. video for “We are young” featuring Janelle Monáe