Wow. It’s 2016! Another year gone, a new path ahead.

I’ve been sitting with a pretty big secret that literally gets bigger ever day. 

We’re expecting a new baby boy in 8 weeks! Many of you may not know that I am a mommy and have been for quite some time (my son Brandon turned 15 in December… what what what?!!!). I’ve always been super private about my life on social media, but I’m making it a goal to be more willing to share things I’ve held back in the past. 2016. Goals.

We’re all very excited and have waited a VERY long time for this baby. It seems impossible to focus on anything else (between tossing and turning all night, eating copious amounts of greek yogurt, crying for no apparent reason and watching hours of “The Midwives” on youtube), but life must go on and music must be made! I’ve been working on writing a new record for KAYJEZ over the last few months and we’re making awesome progress! I can’t wait to share it with you guys… 

With Love,


Oh hey, check out this picture of my baby... haha. He looks so cozy in there :) Is it weird to share a picture of your uterus online? 2016. Goals.