Wow. It’s 2016! Another year gone, a new path ahead.

I’ve been sitting with a pretty big secret that literally gets bigger ever day. 

We’re expecting a new baby boy in 8 weeks! Many of you may not know that I am a mommy and have been for quite some time (my son Brandon turned 15 in December… what what what?!!!). I’ve always been super private about my life on social media, but I’m making it a goal to be more willing to share things I’ve held back in the past. 2016. Goals.

We’re all very excited and have waited a VERY long time for this baby. It seems impossible to focus on anything else (between tossing and turning all night, eating copious amounts of greek yogurt, crying for no apparent reason and watching hours of “The Midwives” on youtube), but life must go on and music must be made! I’ve been working on writing a new record for KAYJEZ over the last few months and we’re making awesome progress! I can’t wait to share it with you guys… 

With Love,


Oh hey, check out this picture of my baby... haha. He looks so cozy in there :) Is it weird to share a picture of your uterus online? 2016. Goals.

“Share a little love” gets some LOVE + live stream show, YT updates!

Hello world.

The second single “Share a little love” from my record Good Times has been getting some action since I released it on soundcloud last Tuesday. I'm so super grateful for the warm response it's received. If you want to see what people are saying about the song, check out the posts here:


A Bit of Pop Music: Introducing: Jess Penner

Niche Music: This one's in Japanese... 

Also, I did my first ever live stream concert earlier this month from my home studio here in Los Angeles and I have to say it was SUCH A FUN TIME! We had people watching from all over the world requesting songs and participating in the discussion. We even did some giveaways (which is always a great way to say “Thanks” from me to you). It was such a hit that I’ve decided to buck tradition and opt for another live stream show for my CD release instead of your typical brink and mortar down in Hollywood.  I love that everyone who wants to can join, that it’s FREE, and that you can watch it in the comfort of your own home wearing pajamas (if you so choose… it’s how I roll). The show + Q&A will be on Wednesday, July 22nd at 7pm PST. You can join the Facebook even HERE. Make sure you post your requests and stay connected for chances to win some great giveaways!

One more thing! I've decided to spend some more time getting personal on youtube. I'll be making lots of "stories behind the song" videos, live performances, collaborations, lifestyle v-logs, and the like. If there's anything in particular you want to see or hear don't be a stranger! Comment, post, email, etc. and let me know what would give you the happies. And if you haven't already, please subscribe to my youtube channel <3

Mucho Alohas.


"Good Times" featured on Baeble Music + Girl Underground Music

Some really wonderful press for "Good Times" lately! Last week Baeble Music posted a sweet little write up about the song as well as a mini interview w/yours truly. Check out the article here:

The Effervescent Alt Pop Of Jess Penner

Also, Janette from Girl Underground Music posted a wonderful interview with me about the song and life in general. You can read it here:

Beauty. Strength. 'Good Times'

The last bit of cool news is that Life is Rosy is at almost 3,000,000 plays on spotify!! That's a lot of zero's to type! I am so humbled and grateful that there are people out there listening. Makes my heart happy <3 I hope the new EP will climb up that chart when it's released...

Spotify plays 6.4

360 Mag Instagram takeover + LIVE Streaming concert Tuesday May 26

Super fun news! 360 Magazine has invited me to take over their Instagram account next Tuesday. I'm cooking up some fun ideas to entertain your eyeballs... and I'm also open to suggestions. What kind of glimpses into my life would YOU like to see? Comment below or hit me up on any of my social media :)

Also, I'll be doing my FIRST EVER live stream concert that night from 7:15 - 8:00 pm. We're hashing out the technical details, but you can keep yourself posted by joining the event page on Facebook. I'll be playing the new single, but there is also a poll on the event page where you guys can pre-request songs for the show that evening... so if there's something special you want to hear, VOTE IT UP!


Good Times single release & Music Video + new press!!

It's out! "Good Times" is officially up for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon. I'm working really hard to make this release special and I'm planning some super fun events leading up to the official release date of July 21.

One super fun thing I'm doing to promote the EP is make a REAL MUSIC VIDEO!! OMG YES!! This will actually be my very first legit music video... and I'm excited. A lot of man hours and love and sweat (and gallons of bright and edible paint) went into the making of the video, and I can't wait to share it with all of you.


Audio Fuzz recently did a little write up on the release of my new single "Good Times", you can check it out here. Thanks Phil!

Alison from Abduction Radiation wrote a fun little nugget about the single on her blog here. Thanks Alison!

Also, check out the single on Hype Machine

More news as it comes :)