Baby Squid Costume Tutorial + Free Pattern

So it's almost Halloween which means it's time to get costuming! One of the requests I got on my youtube channel was to make a costume for my baby (it will be his first Halloween) and after much pontification and searching the vast plains of the inter webs I decided I would make him a squid. 

When it comes to sewing I would classify myself as a "serious dabbler". My mom started teaching me to sew as a young girl. Some of my earliest memories are of her sitting at the machine sewing me lace edged dresses and my very own childhood Halloween costumes... I've even sewed a wedding dress or two (just for fun... because... I'm a freak).

This costume was a lot of fun to make AND a lot of work, and truthfully I am super excited to share it with you guys.

Here is the PDF pattern and instructions!

New VLOG series!

Hey friends! Super fun news :)

I just uploaded my first ever VLOG. After years of wanting to start and multiple ultimately abandoned half assed attempts I am super excited to have followed through.

When we were in Hawaii this summer I was thinking about how I wanted to share and connect with people in a more informal way, but I wasn't comfortable just sitting in front of a camera and talking... I'm much more comfortable "doing". Laying on the beach in Hanalei I had the idea for a series where I would do a pie tutorial and then a live performance of one of my songs. I wanted to call it "A slice and a song". When I got back to Los Angeles I was talking to a good friend who recently started V-Logging about this idea (Tudor Williams) and he was like "We're doing this. See you on Monday!".

I was like "OMG NO I'M SCARED!". My fear of commitments (I take them very seriously) and a classic rampant bout of perfectionism gave me 1000 reasons why this wasn't a good idea, but with my family and friends by my side we took the plunge. I'm so glad I decided to do this because it was SO much fun, and honestly who doesn't love pie?

So there it is. I will be uploading a new VLOG every Monday on my youtube channel. The first six episodes are of "Slice and Song" and I'm not sure what will follow on the Mondays after that, but it's going to be SOMETHING fun.