It's Grammy Voting Time! 'Imagination' For Your Consideration...

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New and exciting days ahead! It’s Grammy voting time!

My name is Jess Penner. I'm a singer, songwriter, producer, mother, lover of life and booty dancing alone in my bedroom, and hater of tilapia (as food, but I hear they have great personalities). I've been making music with my husband / drummer Kevin in garages and beyond for the last 20 years. After all that time, we're still breaking new ground, staying diligent, and working hard to keep the dream alive (viva la musica!).

We've released lots of records over the last 20 years, played a lot of shows, and done all the things a musician does to keep the train moving (you guys know how it is)! But I've never been a member of the Grammy Academy. And I've NEVER had a project on the ballot. Until Now. 

It's weird... you have these dreams as a kid and you move through life, and you don't really know how it all works but you work hard, and then one day you realize "Omg, this could actually happen". And friends, today is that day for me.

If you're about to take a minute to check out the record, thank you. I know the world is full of wonderful music and your lives are full of all kinds of distractions and obligations, so I truly appreciate your eyeballs and ears... even if it's just for a few seconds!

'Imagination' is my first ever record for kids (and kids at heart). It's a beautiful collection of nostalgic songs from my past (covers) as well as a couple of originals about the depth of love parents feel for their kids, and the power of imagination (hence the title). I grew up believing that I could achieve anything I set my mind to, and I want to share that message with kids everywhere! 

'Imagination' debuted at #2 on iTunes in Children's music. The first single ‘I’ve Got No Strings' was #1 on Sirius XM Kids Place Live for two weeks (it's been in the top 10 for 8 weeks and counting)!


Here is what others have said about 'Imagination':

Indiewire : “Soak in the sunny side of indie pop cloaked anthems for the entire family. This entire Ep is a perfect representation of a pop artist that can reach everyone from adults to children with her pleasing melodies and strong, leading voice. This Ep is chalk full of sing-a-long tracks perfect for those breezy summer days.”

Eat the Marshmallow : “Right off the bat, the listener is brought into the album with I’ve Got No Strings, made famous in the 1940 animated film by Disney, Pinocchio. This song, when given a effervescent electro-pop instrumentation and layered vocals, transforms into a celebration of freedom and creative expression.”

Motherhood Moment : “The melodies are easily singable, but not simplistic. I loved her take on Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and my husband enjoyed listening to a song from his childhood, Mr. Sun. This is a great album for kids who are bridging between little kids' music and more grown-up desires, and it's an uplifting, optimistic album that can help boost self-image.”

Mr Jeff 2000 : “Ever see Twin Peaks? One of the most haunting elements about the show was the music by composer Angelo Badalamenti. And the theme song, "Falling," which was sung by Julee Cruise. I thought of Twin Peaks while listening to IMAGINATION, the new children's music EP by Los Angeles singer Jess Penner. You get six classic covers, such as "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon" and "You Are My Sunshine" as interpreted by Jess. You also get the original title tune and closing track, "Forever In My Heart," which gave me flashbacks to those David Lynch closing segments. In a good way, mind you.”

A Nation of Moms : “This album is calming and happy.  We have listened to a lot of children’s music over the years, and often times kid’s music can be annoying or abrasive – “Imagination” is anything but that, and it is so nice to find a peaceful album.”

Rock Mommy : “A lovely collection classic covers and indie tunes, flows effortlessly, note after note, inspiring listeners to indulge their creative sprits.”


Thanks again for your time! Please feel free to email  links to the projects you have up for consideration at so I can give them a listen! 

Much Love and Aloha,