Happy Monday

Happy Monday.  

I’m in my working room with Bethany and Juliann (my sweatshop laborers) preparing for the CD release party. We’re making tulle balls and “tool” jokes are in abundance… but no ball jokes, which surprises me for some reason.

I’m really excited that we’re having a CD release party.  I spend so much time obsessing and perfecting my records and up until now my standard procedure was to dump them out into the world with little more than a few tweets and a casual status update on Facebook.  I guess part of the reason for this is that it feels weird to throw a party for yourself…

But such is life I guess. Grab life by the horns or whatever... LETS PARTY!

I must confess that being an artist is often a long and lonely road. After moving to Los Angeles 10 years ago, our world was quite small. It’s taken a long time to find and build a community with which to share life’s victories and defeats and I can say with much gratitude that I feel very blessed to have peeps to celebrate this with!

I hope you’ll join us there :)