Pre-order Building Heaven, get Love Love Love or GITC FREE!

We're ramping up for the official release of Building Heaven and I want to celebrate by giving away some music!

I love getting mail. Real, old fashioned paper envelopes or packages sent with tender care.  I also want to share my new record with as many of you as possible... 

Here's the deal : If you live in the United States and pre-order Building Heaven on iTunes in the next seven days (July 14- July 21) I will personally mail you a hardcopy of either Love, Love, Love OR Growing in the cold with a hand written note expressing my gratitude.

If you live outside of the US, I will send you a free download of either record instead (because shipping costs can get crazy yo!).

To redeem this offer all you have to do is pre-order Building Heaven on iTunes and email a copy of your proof of purchase (a screen shot iTunes with the "pre-ordered" symbol next to my record OR an iTunes receipt) to Make sure to note your address and which copy of my record you would like mailed to you.  If you're redeeming a digital copy (international orders) you will receive a password and link to the album download of your choice.

I will send out all the CD's by July 23rd.

I so appreciate every one of you! I get to make music every day, and that's because of you, which is freaking awesome.   

Much Lovings.