Summer is going to be freaking CRAZY!

Alright. I just had a look at my schedule for the summer and I am teetering on the edge of nuclear meltdown mode!! All kinds of craziness happening.

I just posted 8 shows for our tour of the Mediterranean with Armed Forces Entertainment.  We had such a wonderful time last summer that it took all of .5 seconds to decide to do it again this year.  We'll be visiting and performing in Spain, Italy, and Turkey.  I seriously cannot wait to eat all the food those places have to offer... and I mean ALL of it... food is my drug.

We also booked shows at the Orange County Fair for myself and We Cry Diamonds.  The fair is always a good time.  Where else can you pet bunnies, watch a camel get milked, eat deep fried butter, drink wine, and ride the zipper in one place?? Check out the events tab for more deets.