A new year, some great opportunities...

It's February and things have finally slowed down enough for me to blog! Actually, I've just been rewarding myself for the completion of the record with agenda-less pajama days and binging on TV series.... I digress.  Here is a hot and sloppy rundown of what has gone down in the last month: 

I got to go to Sundance!!! Thank you so much to Koffeehouse Music for hooking me up BIG time with shows at the Koffeehouse Chalet, Flanagan's, and Park City TV.  You guys are seriously the shiz.  Here are the two live performances I did on Park City TV:

For those of you who live in Los Angeles (or in the vicinity) I'm playing a show at Bogies on Thursday, February 6th. This will be a full band show and we will be playing some music from the new record (eeeeee!!!). The show is FREE but you have to RSVP to get in.

Click here for the event page!

What's next? Well... lots and lots of good things. We're planning another Europe tour for this summer (!!!!), I'm gearing down to work on a follow up EP to Building Heaven, contemplating another We Cry Diamonds record, some new Astoria Kings stuff, and a side project with a brand new friend.  2014 is gonna keep me a busy bee.

Thanks for reading