A beautiful night with Ultimate Ears and Ron Robinson.

There is almost no better surprise than a late night email asking if you want to be a last minute addition to a swanky Hollywood event. Ultimate Ears Pro and Ron Robinson have teamed up to make custom in ear monitors available in a retail setting here in Los Angeles. Thursday night I had the chance to perform at an event announcing their partnership at the store on Melrose. There were fancy appetizers, there were beautiful people, there were all kinds of delicious items to feast your eyes on (missoni candles? Check. Hand blown candy colored hour glasses? Check. Gorgeous hand painted metallic sheepskin rugs? Check. Basically what I'm saying here is that there is tons of cool shiz in this place that you should check out.... ) I digress.

I was met at Ron Robinson by Phillipe and the team (from UE) with my brand new custom set of UE Pro 11’s, and I have to tell you guys, I have needed some good in ears for a long time and I am blown away by the difference these make. Everyone at the event was given their own set of UE's to listen to the performances with, and to be able to hear exactly what we were hearing as performers was a totally new listening experience.  Australian band Movement shared several  dark and dreamy songs and then I did an acoustic set (just me and my guitar). I felt incredibly grounded during my performance (I could hear so welllllll!). It was easy to just let go and be in the moment, which is something I constantly strive for but don't always achieve.  It was a wonderful experience. I love doing new things!

I was excited to see what it would be like to use my new UE Pro 11's with a full band (more specifically with my very own personal John Bonham in the room). Last night we ran a rehearsal with We Cry Diamonds and I have to say I was very impressed. Everything was so well balanced and delicious to listen to, and the level of drum bleed was perfection which means these will work in every situation! Thank you Ultimate Ears!! And thank you Ron Robinson for having the coolest things I’ve ever seen all gathered in one place… I feel special.