A tour of Europe

It’s been like six months since I blogged.  It’s funny, so often I think to myself “eh, there’s not much exciting going on… what would I write?” - but that’s a dirty lie - SO MUCH GOING ON!!!

Two days ago I got home from my first ever tour in Europe.  It started about a year ago when I was contacted by someone from the Pentagon (true story) about doing a tour for the troops.  At first I thought that someone was surely messing with me - but it turned out to be legitimate and here I am, 10 shows and four countries later with my heart full after meeting so many beautiful people and seeing so many beautiful places.

I have never been prouder to be an American. I learned that soldiers may look tough and intimidating while they are walking around in uniform carrying their rifles - but behind the hard exterior are some amazingly humble, incredibly caring, open and kind human beings.  These are people that care about the world and the other people in it.  We also met families.  Teens that have lived in three or four different countries who follow their parents all over the world, and young mothers with little babies and toddlers… I never realized how much the military supports families. Every base we visited showed us so much love and hospitality… and every base had a Burger King.  Even in Kosovo, in the middle of the desert, you can have your Whopper JR and eat it too.

It was a huge blessing to be able to bring a full band (Andrea, Sean, Daniel, Kevin) and Juliann (monday MGMT). We had a ton of fun and zero drama (I love my people).  Mike the tour bus driver, Joe the tour manager, and Frank the sound man were all great to work with and have become life long friends (seriously, love you guys). Thank you to Paul from Armed Forces Entertainment for reaching out and making it all happen!!!