A break up letter to the summer - from me.

Dear summertime,

     this is hard for me… I will never forget the moments we shared together.  Late and smoky sunsets with our feet in the sand, living in a bikini eating PBJ’s out of a sandy cooler, margaritas and burning our butts on hot seatbelt buckles. You’ve been a real gentleman, and a good friend, but I think our time must come to an end.

Break-ups are hard,  but 100 degrees in September!  Really, WTF?? 

It’s times like this I wish I lived in the Northwest!  Everyone close to me knows that fall is my favorite season. I’ve been sitting in my writing room in my boots and sweater, pretending fall has begun, but the universe just won’t cooperate.

Life is good.  I am working on a new record.  I already have 16 brand spanking new songs demo-ed and ready. I hope to have at least four more by the second week of October (when we plan on starting recording for real).  Making a record takes some considerable time for me, being that most of the time it’s just Kevin and I in our little studio, day after day, hashing out the details.  If I am lucky I’ll have the chance to record with some incredible musicians this time around.  I would DIE to have some full blown string arrangements and a couple of days in a big room for drums and such.  I’ll try to post as many interesting and fun posts of the process as possible :)

I took the summer off from blogging and updates, but some great things have happened that I would love to share with you!

Italian clothing brand Duck Farm used “Life is Rosy” in their new campaign!

There have also been rumors that they were going to send me some items from the line… I so hope this happens! I have been wanting to do a Haul on youtube and this would be the perfect opportunity for a first time.  Check out the ad here:



Also, new CW show “Emily Owens” is using “All Smiles” in their promo.  I am forever and hopelessly addicted to these types of doctor dramas… I hope it’s amazing.  You can check out the promo here:



I was so excited to learn that Rocket Dog featured me on their blog.  I just wish I had caught it sooner.  I have owned several pairs of Rocket Dog shoes, I just love them, and I’m so flattered that someone over there decided to give me a shout out. 



One last thing… “I like it” from my band We cry diamonds’ new unreleased record was featured on the trailer for “Hit and Run” (starring Bradley Cooper, Dax Shepard and Kristin Bell).  This movie looks so super fun.  Not one for the kiddies though!

Peace and love to all of you.