What do cage fighters and I have in common??

It’s Wednesday, and I have been violently sneezing all morning.  This happens to me after it rains - and when I let cats sleep on my face and such.  I have spent my day so far drinking green tea lattes (thank you J!), responding to emails, and trying to reverse engineer UDI’s gluten free white sandwich bread (which I am pretty darn diggity close to achieving - see pic below of loaf #2).

I am starting to think it might be a mighty fine idea to include more blogs about the things I do every day… let some of ya’ll in a little more (if you’re interested in more than just my music).  I’ve got nothing to hide!

The last two weeks have been truly mind blowing.  There is some giant news about to go down that I would love to share with you but cannot until the first week of April or so. So i guess I lied and technically - I do have something to hide - but only for a little while.  All I can say is that you will be seeing my face a lot more in the near future… it’s pretty strange to think about actually, sometimes your life takes turns you don’t expect and didn’t plan for and it can be pretty fantastic.

The share-able news at the moment is that I am still getting some nice placements, the largest of which started airing in the UK about a week ago.  The brand is “Maltesers” and they are using “All Smiles” for their 75th anniversary campaign.  Maltesers are the British version of Whoppers which I have to admit I have been highly addicted to since my mother first allowed me to eat solids…. mmmmm.  

Link to Maltesers ad:

Also, can you guess what cage fighters and I have in common?
“We fit together” from my record “Love, Love, Love”. Episode 9 of MTV’s “Caged” (set to air on March 6) will feature the song.  I’m not gonna lie, I kinda like MMA… so I’m extra excited about this one.  You can watch the show live on MTV when it airs or you can watch it online at:


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