It’s September, it’s gloomy, it’s wonderful...

All right people, I ‘aint gonna lie… it’s been a hard week!  Somehow I managed to contract one bastard of a summer cold, which kept me locked up in my room watching “Hoarders” in the same pair of pajamas for much longer than was cute or necessary.  Luckily for me on day two of said sickness, my good friend Nate and I made a journey down to Playa Vista to pick up four chickens via ebay classifieds.  I know this might seem random but I had been obsessing over getting laying hens for a while and finally had gotten my coop set up and ready for the ladies.  We drove down with a dog kennel in the trunk and picked out four fattie hens, then proceeded to catch them one at a time and load them into the car… at which point I get peed on by a chicken.  It was no big deal though, I have been peed on by much more exotic animals (most notably a dolphin), but that’s a story for another time.

End of story, I got to spend the week getting to know my new hens, watching them eat worms out of the ground and chase my dog around the back yard in the sunshine.  Seems like a funny thing to be thankful for, but it really helped me feel connected to nature again somehow… I did after all, start life on a farm.  Besides, everyone knows that Hens are totally badass… I’ve seen them eat foot long centipedes and snatch hornets out of the air - poultry, I salute thee!

Today is the first day I feel normal.  The first day I feel human.  I went to the gym at 7:30 am this morning, isn’t that jacked up?!?!  I was just so high on life that I couldn’t help myself!  So here is to a new season and new beginnings!  I hope you all feel hopeful and proud, you are amazing, life is a miracle, don’t get bogged down by pointless drama or insecurities… be free and prosper!