We’re halfway through summer? WTH?

So I remembered today that I actually have a website… and that maybe I should take a few moments to update said website with a little blurb about my life over the last few months.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the menial tasks of everyday life and swept away by the exciting bits that I find myself struggling to stay on top of the “should do” list.

I recently finished recording a collab with the most amazing peeps (Ron Haney, Bart Schroudel, and Robert Cooper) that I can’t wait to share with everyone.  The band is called “Astoria Kings” and it’s dance pop along the lines of Lights, Stars, Dragonette, Bat for Lashes, etc.  It was such a wonderful time of creativity, camaraderie, and mutual respect and excitement! I miss the boys!!! It’s time for another East Coast adventure!  The record has been mastered and the artwork is being worked on at this very moment. I will be sure to update everyone as soon as it becomes available for streaming, etc.  

Also, some amazing placements over the last few months!!!  My song “The Lucky one” was featured on the season premier of Royal Pains (wooooot!).  I also landed two (2!?!?) movie trailers in the last six weeks or so, one for the movie “What’s your number” and another in “Dirty Girl”.  A good friend of mine recently inquired how it is possible that I could be so lucky… that it’s like I win the lottery over and over with these placements and I honestly feel so incredibly grateful to be doing what I love, and paying the bills doing so.  I know how blessed I am - and I hope it never feels “normal” to get such amazing news.

Check out Chandelle’s “The Truth about me” in the trailer for “Dirty Girl”

Check out “Life is Rosy” in the trailer for “What’s your number?”

I have been regularly playing out in Hollywood (which has been soooo fun), and also just found out that I have been selected to showcase at NACA West in November!!! NACA is an organization that brings artists and colleges together to coordinate live performances.  This basically means that (hopefully) I’ll be playing a LOT in the near future and I might even have enough decent shows lined up for a mini tour or two… or three.  I can’t tell you how excited I am about this!

Love and Kisses.