Super mega blog 5000!!!!

Super mega blog 5000

Holy Crap - It’s almost April!  
So much has happened over the last month that I have actually allowed myself to lurch around in my pj’s for nearly a week and refuse to feel the slightest twinge of guilt about it.  I have been watching hulu, having extravagant dinner parties, assembling ikea furniture and eating tiramisu for breakfast… it’s been a total stay-cation and it was much needed after the crazy few weeks I’ve had.

I took a trip to NYC last month with Ted, Tyler, and Emily from Position Music (my record label peoples).  We met up with Robert V. (positions East coast rep), had an awesome time meeting new people, showcased for ad agencies, and shopped in chelsea market for fine italian meats and such (in the name of bribery).  We ate good food, zoomed around in taxi’s, and even got to experience a little bit of magical NYC snow.  I played a show on Feb 17th at the Living Room on Ludlow, it was my first legitimate NYC show in like seven years and it felt gooooood.  I love the city!  

The other half of the trip was spent wrapping up a new project with some wonderful and talented people… we just finished tracking a super fun electro pop collab filled with luscious vocals, sassy lyrics, and slammin’ beats that will make you want to shake your booty… and that’s all I’m gonna say about that right now.

During my trip out East, I was lucky enough to run away to the country for a day with my lovely cousin Terry and her husband. I got to spend the night at their gorgeous Inn in Lambertville NJ, pet their Alpacas, and drink fine wine by the fire as we cozied up in cushy leather couches.  How is it possible that I an fortunate enough to be related to such wonderful, caring, and fun people?!?!?!  It’s just too much!!!

Also - I am starring in a commercial for Glade.  Yeah.  Weird, right?  Turns out they like my voice and though I was cute… so they asked me to sing/star in their commercial.  I never aspired to be an actress, and shooting it still feels like a dream somehow (like I was living someone else’s life for a day).  But in all fairness, twirling around in a fuchsia dress, singing and making fun of ridiculous people via song isn’t much of a stretch when it comes to how I live my life.  It’s a fun, funny spot directed by Shawn Kim (he’s directed some amazing music videos), and it’s set to start airing online on April 6th.  Let me know when you see it!   

That’s all for now folks!
Kisses and hugs,