Teen mom 2, What Chilli wants, From Prada to Nada - woweee!!!

Hey all!

It’s a beautiful day in Los Angeles and I’m sitting on my bed feeling super excited and grateful for all of the amazing things happening in my world right now.  First off - some great placements I wan’t to share with you! I recently found out that in the last couple of weeks a few of my songs were used in episodes of “What Chilli wants” (VH1) and “Teen Mom 2” (MTV) - yay!  Also, my song “in the stars” is in the new movie “From Prada to Nada” and is also available on the soundtrack (but only if you buy the entire album, otherwise download the song by itself on itunes under “Jess Penner”).  I plan on seeing the movie in the theater this week because it’ll be my first time experiencing a song of mine on the big screen, plus I’m a huge fan of Jane Austen so… yeah, I probably would’ve gone to see it anyway.

The last week has been a total whirlwind.  I’ve been collaborating with a few other artists and producers on projects, had an AMAZING show at Hotel Cafe on Sunday (looooove the HC!), and did a shoot with a new company called Quebee that might just revolutionize the way artists and fans interact.  My dear friend Andrea (www.andreahamiltononline.com) and I had fun shooting on the giant green-screen on Friday (thank you Ryan and Joel)!  We did a live performance of “All smiles’ where she graciously loaned me her beautiful voice and toy piano playing fingers.  

Speaking of Andrea and I, we are sharing a set at Room 5 lounge on Feb 11th and would love to see you, have a drinky and chat if you’re up for a Friday night in Hollywood.

Next on the list is editing some vlogs… I have SO much footage of all sorts of stuff I need to sort through and post.  There just aren’t enough hours ya’ll!!!