What I love about fall.

What’s great about Fall?  Lots of things.  

Here is my top 10 ten list for “what I love about fall”:

10.  All the good shows are back on..  the highly addictive adult soap operas thinly shrouded as dramas, the comedies starring the quirky fish out of water type trying to conform to radically different social surroundings because of some unexpected trauma… *sigh. I’m not gonna lie, I like it all!  Sometimes I get angry because I’m like “Dear Grey’s Anatomy writers, NOBODY gets shot/pregnant/divorced/sliced up by helicopter blades THAT many times in a year AND still manages to cure Diabetes!”.  But like a moth to a flame, or a pre-teen girl to Justin Beeber, I just can’t help myself.

9.  Pumpkin scones and egg nog latte’s.  

8.  Loooooooooong nights.  I am a night owl.  I hate the morning like Snooki hates not showing off her boobs.  I am my most creative in the wee hours of the darkness, nocturnal like an opossum - minus the hissing and creepy rat tail.

7.  FASHION!  I love me some boots, chunky sweaters, knitted hats, stockings, etc.  I think a big part of this is due to the fact that I was severely depraved of the seasons as a child.  Growing up in Hawaii means you basically dress for summer… all the time.  The only boots I had pre-adult were a pair of red cowboy boots my mom bought for me in the second or third grade when I was helping out at the local stables.  I miss those boots… they were totally badass, and so was my mom for buying them for me.

6.  The changing leaves.  We don’t see it a whole lot here in L.A, but when I was in Spokane I saw some gorgeous maple trees doing their thing… don’t get upset, it’s totally natural.


5.  Hot - tubbing.  Okay, I know this isn’t strictly a fall activity, but you know it’s WAAAAY better when there’s a chill in the air.

4.  Soups and stews and everything else cooked for a long time with love and patience.  There are not many better ways to say “I love you” than carefully preparing a pot of osso buco for your lover… trust me on this.  Giada has an ‘aight recipe - here is the link:


3.  Halloween.  Yeah, yeah, I know it’s over, but sometimes I lay awake at night and relive the moments we shared.  My wild abandonment of normal dietary propriety, the smell of cheap chocolate in the air, the freedom to dress as a sexy cat if I so please… it’ll be 11 months until we meet again, but I will think of you every day until then.

2.  Stormy weather.  Yep, I love a good storm.  The more violent, the better. Some people hate the rain… those people cannot be trusted. It’s a beautiful, soothing, rhythmic lullaby.  

1.  Fires in the fireplace.  You know, life doesn’t get much better than sipping a hot toddy and playing cards in front of a roaring fire.  I like the smell it leaves on your clothes… smells like a sexy lumberjack.  Mmmmm, cozy.



Your turn friends! What do YOU love about fall?