2010 - In a nutshell (a nutshell in the form of a blog)

I am sitting in my bedroom in L.A watching the rain fall and the wind blow the cedars next door.  It’s been raining since Friday… so what is that… like 6 days?  All this rain is bringing me back to my childhood on Kauai, where I vividly remember watching a man kayak down the side of the road from my school-bus window during a particularly bad storm.  Growing up in a place where you have no true “winter” does make you appreciate the changing seasons (even as mild as they are here in Cali), but I’m done now. Give me the sun already!!!  To stay out of the weather I’ve been spending my time on indoor activities such as needlepoint, baking, canasta, and making some sweet rock music…. oh, and this blog.

I want to tell everyone how truly grateful I am for the year I have had here on this wonderful planet we call “earth”.  I have traveled the world, made many amazing new friends, seen my career grow in exciting and unexpected ways, learned hard lessons, laughed, cried, made a new record, seen friends suffer heartbreak, watched my family tree expand, connected with old friends… the list goes on and on.  It’s impossible to sum it all up in a blog, but here are some of the highlights.

2010 According to me - JP

Best Moments:

- Watching Dupes dance in Ecco Hollywood to “Dynamite” by Tiao Cruz, seriously people, there are no words. 
- Eating chendal with Debra and Dora in Chinatown, Singapore.
- Meeting my wonderful East coast family… love you guys.
- Meeting my beautiful niece Alana for the first time.
- Visiting my wonderful Hawaii friends and family after a year and a half of being away.
- Vegas with my band… nuff said.
- Hugging my godson Nathan and his little bro Noah and rubbing Malia’s pregnant belly.

Worst Moments:

- Missing our flight to Hawaii and having to buy all new tickets thanksgiving week. Frick.

- Landing back in Los Angeles and realizing (to my horror) that I clipped my only car key to the handle of my bag before it got checked into luggage. Double frick. Remember when you could get an extra one cut at the hardware store for like, a buck?  Well yeah. Mine is a dealer only, special order $350 key which takes weeks to receive (which is totally balls if you ask me).  Thankfully, the good Lord was with me because the key was blissfully dangling from my suitcase handle via dollar store carabiner when it arrived in the baggage claim… which I think somehow qualifies for a “best moment”.

- Finding my digital camera in the washing machine.  Triple Frick.

Places visited:

Singapore, Hong Kong, Hawaii, NYC, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, Kelowna, Vegas, and Jersey.  What can I say?  I get around!

Favorite records:

Mute Math - Armistice
The Rescues - Self titled EP
Bob Marley - Legend (I don’t care how old it is - it never gets old)
Copeland - You are my sunshine
Stars - The five ghosts & the seance
Carolina Liar - Coming to terms

Favorite guilty pleasures:

Katy Perry - Teenage dream

Hot black pastrami sandwhich - Brents Deli

Costco pizza

Greys Anatomy


New Habits:

Crying at childrens movies

Matcha lattes

Texting - yes, I know this probably comes as a surprise but it’s something you avoid when your old cellphone looked like this:


Okay, now I’m distracted. Got to go.  Maybe time for some thrift store browsing.