New website, show, and a free download!

It has been a full two months since I have blogged and I’m feeling a bit dirty and ashamed because of it.  It kinda feels like forgetting to call your grandma on her birthday… which does not feel good.  So hey - will you forgive me?  I promise I’ll make it better with a nicely framed and fairly current picture of the family, and a box of sugar free chocolates for good measure.  I love you grandma, thanks for taking care of me when I had the chicken pox!


Life has been wonderful and busy and there has actually been a lot to say but I have been saying it mostly to my journal instead of sharing it with the world .  I guess sometimes I like to keep it all in - adds to the mystique of being an “artist” or whatever.

I’ve been spending my time writing with other artists (which has been sooo much fun), thinking of ways to get my new record heard, and trying to find a couple of geniuses to make me a video or two.  Have you guys seen the Fleet Foxes “mykonos” video?  It is stunningly beautiful. I would just about die if I could ever have something this cool set to one of my songs, check it out:

Mykonos from Sean Pecknold on Vimeo.

Here’s the news:
We’re playing a show on Friday at Room 5 Lounge in Hollywood.  Kevin, Daniel and Sean are joining me for a few songs; the set will be a mix of both records.  I am currently debating whether or not to play keyboard on a song or two (if you know me… you know this is a big dang deal).  I can barely hold my own on “crunchy flakes” so graduating to playing and singing in a live setting seems a bit daunting, but I am becoming less of a perfectionist in all the right ways so it may be a good step for me.  Here’s a pretty flyer for ya’lls:

I’ve uploaded a version of “The holly and the ivy” and it is available as a free so come and get it!

Holly and the Ivy by jesspenner

A big thanks to Ron Haney for being a total stud and programming this song with a perfect blend of quirk and atmospheric beauty - you are the man.

Last but not least, a huge shout out to Kevin and Andrew for this beautiful, functional, and easily update-able website.  I hope to exploit it’s every capability.

Love you always and forever,