Hey ya'll... so, I guess I'm gonna start blogging.

So I've been beating myself up lately (okay... honestly for like years) about my lack of dedication to the wonders of establishing a more consistent and interesting online presence.  I am of the frame of mind that it is better to have a couple of pages (updated often), than a bunch of profiles floating around in the permanent lol cat filled abyss that is the interwebs.  When you are a perfectionist, you will find a million reasons to postpone doing something because it just HAS to be perfect before you can give it to the world.

I'm done with that.  It's time to just jump in.

"But... you're just not that interesting Jess.  What will you blog about?  Who finds joy in the mundane details of your life? What will you post about, the pancakes you made this morning and that stain that just won't come off of your tank top no matter what mystical potion you devise to aid in its removal?"

Yes, this is my inner dialogue.

This is my blog.

As much as I joke and tease myself about how plain the life I lead actually is, I know that a lot of what I experience daily is pretty friggen' fantastic.

Lets take today for example.  I'm sitting on a hotel bed in Singapore, after a killer lunch with a bunch of awesome people, eating kaya toast and drinking malaysian coffee (awesome coffee cup harness included!).  


I have a show tonight at a swanky Singaporean club, performing for wonderful people.



And I'm thinking about how I need to walk to little india to buy some sharpies and a replacement for the black eyeliner that mysteriously disappeared shortly after my arrival.
Brown eyeliner looks weird with grey eyeshadow... people will think I'm a freak if they notice.


And if I'm incredibly lucky and I might just stumble upon some dvd's to watch when I get back tonight.  Did you know that your brain is actually less active watching TV than it is during any other time?  That's why it's so darn relaxing!  I wonder what kind of fantasmical asian bootleg films I'll be able to find on the journey.
Okay, I think I'm done for now.
I love you.