I'm baaaaaaaack!!!

So I've been home for exactly 8 days now.... and I feel like I'm actually settling in to normal life again.  The last month has been a crazy hurricane of new experiences and so much has happened that I'm actually struggling to remember all of it - but I'm gonna try!

Exactly one month ago my band and I got to go play for a big corporate event in Vegas for Days Inn.  For those of you who don't know, my song "Here comes the sunshine" has been their advertising theme song for the last year and a half.  Check it out!  You can even download the song for free at their website:


They put us up at the Mandalay Bay for three nights (which was friggen' incredible), we ate tons of sushi and buffet foodings... and we hung out by the pool because it was triple digits the entire time we were there.  Unfortunately, my moderately priced digital camera took a swim with the fishes (via my washing machine) the day before we left so all I have regarding pictures are crappy blur shots taken with my 6 year old Krzr:


I came home for a day and then I left for NYC.  It had been over six years since I had been to New York and I was so psyched to get to go again.  I went to work on some songs with a good friend (Robert Cooper) who ended up inviting me to play a duet cover of "Fix you" at a benefit concert for his amazing friend and musical partner Daniel Cho who passed away tragically while on tour with Regina Spektor.  The benefit was at Williamsburg Hall of Music in Brooklyn. So many incredible people performed and shared their memories of Dan, it was truly a magical evening and a total honor for me to be a part of it.  Some of the performers were Jenny Owens Youngs, Regina Spektor, Carina Round, The Candles, Tracy Bonham, and Wes Hutchinson.  New York people rule!  I felt so accepted and the energy of everyone there was so positive and just lovely.  I can't wait to go back.
Before all of that, RC and I took to the train up to New Jersey to stay with his producer Ron for the weekend.  Our goal was to finish up a few songs for Roberts new project (which we did) as well as write a couple of new ones (which was a total breeze because Ron already had some killer tracks to write to - woooot!). Ron and his business partner Bart are both wicked awesome people,  and we had a spectacular time eating lindt 99% dark, biking along the Jersey shore, and staying up until 4am playing with keyboards and old Rickenbacker guitars.  Thank you guys.... seriously.








On Sunday, I got on the train all by my lonesome and headed to South Amboy, NJ to meet my great aunt Eunice, my great uncle Hank, their kids, their kids' kids' and so on and so forth.  My Second cousin (my dad's cousin) Terry picked me up at the station, and as soon as I saw her I KNEW we were family! It was mind blowing to finally meet them all, especially great aunt Eunice (my grandma's big sister) because she reminded me SO much of my grandma.  I had never had that experience before and it was magical - stepping off a train somewhere totally new, meeting people and instantly feeling connected... it was truly a blessing and I hope to see them all many more times in the future!!


Love you guys.
After all that I came back to LA for a few days and prepared myself for Singapore.... you can read all about that on my previous two blogs.  The only part I left out was the part about my 10 hour layover in Hong Kong.  It was great that I had so much time to waste.  I ended up taking the Airport Express right into downtown Hong Kong where I hopped on a ferry and crossed the bay to Ocean Station.  





I ate at a hole in the wall place (even though the tourism authority excitedly informed me that they had McDonalds and KFC!!!) and giggled menacingly while the business people gawked at me like I was some sort of alien:
I have come for some dim sum and tasty noodle soup!!!!
I'm back home again... and it's raining, and I'm wearing fleece booties and hopelessly addicted to "Angry Birds" and matcha tea lattes.  I've had such wonderful subject matter to blog about lately.  It's gonna take a lot more creativity to entertain ya'lls when my life consists of hanging out in my jammies all day, strumming my guitar and whatnot... which reminds me, I need to get back to work.
Hugs and kisses and all of that jazz.